Water Treatment

In its element for over 50 years

Fluid metering technology is Senzee Enterprise CC’s  particular speciality and it is perfectly complemented by ProMaqua® water treatment and water disinfection products. Whether individual or system solutions, Senzee Enterprise CC’s modular programme offers maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness for every customer.

Expert engineering combined with personal advice

Senzee Enterprise CC supplies numerous industries, which is partly what makes our work so fascinating. No two process requirements are the same. Projects need personal supervision. Our specialists can advise on individual applications. We are passionate about delivering smooth, reliable service – no matter where you are in the world.

The future in our sights

Our research and development team refuse to compromise: with every new innovation, the thing that interests them most is absolute process reliability. Whether it’s components, systems or technologies for environmentally-friendly and sustainable metering and water treatment, all our solutions are characterised by maximum efficiency and applicability. Our engineers are always working to make our solutions even more economical. This is due not only to our leading position on the world market, but also our awareness of our responsibility.

Product Groups

Chemical Transfer Pumps

Senzee chemical transfer pumps deliver efficient chemical transfer, transporting liquids from one container into another.

Disinfection Systems and Oxidation Systems

Need hygienic, pure water? Stay ahead of the game with ProMinent® Smart Disinfection: Low impact. Less cost. High efficiency. Everything you need – from a single source.

Domestic Water Technology

Corrosion and limescale deposits don’t do anyone any good. That’s the reason for ProMinent domestic water technology, with its flow-proportional metering units.

Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology

Optimum metering depends on exact measured values. That’s the reason for measuring, control and sensor technology from ProMinent.

Gravity Filters

With zero energy consumption, no wear parts and no consumables, there is no more cost-effective way to treat water than with ProMinent gravity filters.

Membrane Technology and Membrane Filtration

Membrane filtration is an essential process in numerous industries and applications. Furthermore, in water treatment, membrane filtration is the process with the lowest operating costs for removing particles and salts in the water.

Metering Pumps

ProMinent has boasted the world’s largest range of metering pumps for over 50 years. These are used wherever liquids have to be added to a medium in a defined volume within a defined period of time.

Metering Systems

ProMinent metering systems come fully ready mounted and are ready for immediate use. Sensors, controllers and metering pump form a single unit for minimal installation complexity.

Peristaltic Metering Pumps

Self Priming capable, ProMinent’s peristaltic pumps, compliments it’s range of Positive Displacement Dosing Metering Equipment.

They can meter challenging fluids, such as gaseous, abrasive, shear-sensitive or high-viscosity media with ease.

Peristaltic Pumps

With a simple functional principle, safe operation and a huge range of applications, ProMinent peristaltic pumps DULCO®flex are universal solutions.

Process Metering Pumps

Process Metering Pumps
The best solution for production processes in the petrochemical and oil and gas industries involving risk: process metering pumps from ProMinent.


Chemicals and tank form an inseparable pair. ProMinent manufactures and supplies suitable tanks for the storage and transfer of chemicals in accordance with legal requirements.