Aluminium Litter Pickers

Keeping any workplace neat and tidy is an ongoing task. There are always going to be people who find it very difficult to put their litter in the bin, with somebody having to pick up after them. If you are working in a rented building, the property owner might carry out this task in the grounds to keep the area tidy but most of the time your company will have to arrange for a maintenance person to do the job. They need the right equipment to do the job – you don’t want to have them picking up litter with their hands, as there are a number of health and safety implications to this.

Litter pickers are a potential solution and they are available in a range of sizes. Having a litter picker removes the need for anyone to pick up a piece of litter with their hands because the pickers can be used and controlled from around hip height, to grab and a piece of litter. It can then be released into a rubbish bag without the need to touch it at all.The litter pickers themselves are very light and made from strong aluminium.

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